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Redemption of the Fallen


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“Lorn flew over the vast mountain range called the Violent Mountains. Peaks so high that they were forever covered in deep snow, sped beneath him. Following an awareness to go west, to fly fast and find the destination in his dreams, his wings beat steadily. Breathing in the cold, crisp air of the coming winter, he shuddered with the exhilaration of flight. Soon the snow-capped peaks began to look familiar, and he felt as if he were captured in the dream again. He flew for hours recognizing cliffs and valleys he knew he had never seen before, except in the dream. Some anxious feeling inside told him he was getting close.”

Five years have passed since Lorn was liberated from his evil father’s Red Sorcerer. Legends were born from tales of the great battle between Lorn and a black-winged demon, of the sorcerer’s death, and the defeat of demon-kind. Ever since, people have flocked to a new Jior to make it their homes, and the Kingdom of Jior is revived! Lorn is crowned King of Jior and his beloved Lililaira is Queen. Their peace will not endure as a new war threatens everything they have built and everyone they love! 

“Action, adventure, romance–loved it!” ~Jeepher, Amazon review.(Contains adult situations)



Lorn is now King of Jior and Lililaira is his Queen and rules by his side.  They learn that one hundred miles away from the City of Jior, the combined armies of Vedt head towards them intent on slaying everyone and taking revenge on them for Lorn’s past evil deeds. 

Five years earlier Lorn liberated himself from Lan-Loe, his evil father’s Red Sorcerer.  Word had spread of the great battle between Lorn and a black-winged demon and of Lan-Loe’s death.  Now people have been flocking to Jior to make their homes there. A more glorious tale had spread of how Lorn, with only one hundred men, had fought the demon-kind and cast them back to the underworld.  Now war threatens everything they have built and everything they love.

In the midst of impending war, strange dreams plague Lorn’s sleep at night.  He feels that something is waiting, something he needs very badly, calls to him. 

When he gives into that call, he learns that he is part of a race of winged people.  He also learns about his past and is given hope for the future, but that hope comes with a heavy price.  Lorn is given a choice either relinquish his children to the safety of these new beings or risk their certain death at the hands of his enemies.  With the forces coming against them, Lorn and Lililaira are faced with a difficult choice. 

First, Lorn must deal with the combined armies of Vedt coming to destroy them all.  When Lililaira and their daughter are taken prisoner by her father, the King of Skoria, Lorn must call on all his resources to get them back.

Forced out of the protective walls of Jior he must face his enemies who use his wife and daughter as bait and endanger his unborn son. King Lorn must deal with old enemies and new friends but how to tell the difference?