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Interior Layout – Membership


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The interior of your book will be designed by a trained layout professional according to the genre specifics of your book and integrating your input.

Our standard price for interior design service is, as follows:

  • For a book of up to 75,000 words.
  • One sample layout
  • Chapter titles
  • Headings
  • Page numbers
  • Insertion of up to 50 images (black and white or color, minimum 300 dpi resolution, preferably TIFF format)
  • Insertion of up to 5 tables (tables must be page width and single-page height’ they will automatically be excluded if they are bigger than these dimensions)
  • 1 Table of Contents
  • Up to 20 footnotes
  • One-time correction process of up to 75 corrections for free (errors made by Cosmo Publishing will not count against your 75 corrections)



  • Author must provide images and tables (author must obtain the necessary permissions to use the images, where necessary)
  • An extra fee of $5 will be charged for inserting each additional image or table beyond the maximums listed above


Please contact us for any of your further inquires: Contact Author Services



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