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eBook Cover Design – Membership


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Our illustrators prepare your ebook cover similar to the print cover design, without the spine or the back cover. All covers made by Cosmo Publishing are custom-designed in full color; we do not offer cookie-cutter covers.

Your front cover will include your book title, subtitle (if applicable), author’s name, and illustrations suitable for your book and genre.

Our process for creating your cover is as follows:

› One-time phone consultation of up to 1 hour to get your ideas on your cover

› Research your genre as to your competitors’ covers; what sells, what doesn’t

› Create a draft cover

› Receive your opinion on the cover

› Refine and create your cover


› Any image you’d like to incorporate on the front or the back cover must:

› be inn TIFF format

› have 300 dpi resolution

› use CMYK color

› match the configuration of your cover size

› have received copyright permission, if applicable

Bio can be up to 60 words

Marketing copy can be up to 250 words

Can include up to three reviews/credits with no more than 50 words


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